Ada – 1-2 year old female Cross-Breed

Ada is a 1-2 year old female Cross-Breed. This little princess that weighs barely 8 kg was collected by the Police of the municipality where the pound where we volunteer is. She was wandering around the streets alone, wearing a flea collar and a normal collar, but she did not have a microchip.

It is illegal to have a dog without a microchip in Spain, but until the fines do not become heavier and until people do not become aware and responsible, the pounds will continue to fill up and we will keep telling these stories and fighting to save some of them.

Ada is a very joyful and playful dog, social and affectionate, that will enjoy the good life that she will have when we finally find the family that she deserves. She is vaccinated against everything and will be neutered in the next days. We received the results of the tests for Mediterranean diseases, and she is negative to all of them.

ADA HAS NOT BEEN TESTED WITH CATS. Ada is in currently staying at the kennels we work with. She could travel to the UK next month.

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